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Sparks Brick and Tile Cleaner: Gallon

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Sparks Brick and Tile Cleaner
See Cleaning Directions.
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Sparks Brick and Tile Cleaner

Don’t waste time trying to clean grout with products that only clean surfaces. GroutRejuvenator has developed grout cleaner specially formulated to intensively clean tile grout from the surface to the base. Unlike other tile and grout cleaning products that treat one or two problems, our products provide a full spectrum of benefits to clean grout thoroughly without diminishing appearance or longevity. Whether you are a homeowner or commercial property manager, you will be impressed by how efficiently our grout cleaner changes your tiles from looking worn and torn to shiny and new.

Sparks Brick and Tile Cleaner

  • Cleans grout with ease
  • Low Odor
  • Removes deep down dirt and bacteria
  • Removes dirt better than professional steamers
  • Not a Surface Cleaner — A deep down Brick and Tile Cleaner 2nd to None
  • Rinses with tap water
  • Removes Pet Odor from grout and tile
  • Removes Pet Stains from grout and tile
  • Leaves flooring streak free and ready to seal when dry

Recommended for Use On the following:

  • Dirty Grout Joints and Ceramic Tile
  • Dirty Concrete or garage flooring
  • Shower Stalls
  • Restaurant Flooring
  • Hotel Flooring

Recommended Tools for Installation:

  • Squirt Bottle
  • Knee pads
  • Grout Brushes
  • Wet Vacuum or Drying Towels

Directions for Use:

  1. Mix Sparks Brick and Tile Cleaner with tap water as follows in squirt bottle 1 part cleaner—two parts water
  2. Apply Directly to dirty grout/tile surface
  3. Allow to sit for approximately 30-45 seconds
  4. Agitate with professional grout cleaning brush
  5. Apply water to dilute product
  6. Vacuum with Wet/Shop Vacuum
  7. Allow to dry
  8. GroutRejuvenator Industries recommends sealing dry surface with Silicone based grout sealant.

See Cleaning Directions.

View MSDS Sheet

1 review for Sparks Brick and Tile Cleaner: Gallon

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Christina Mach

    great cleaner. did an excellent job cleaning our grout. We used it in the shower and in our kitchen after we repaired our tile. We bought 4 different typles of cleaner at home depot before trying this. Mopped it on the floor. Let it sit for 30 seconds Scrubbed it with the triangle shaped brush so we didn’t have to sit on our knees. Came out great. Worked great on the shower too to get rid of hard water build up. Great product

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