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Neutra Clean

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PH Neutral Tile Floor and Shower Maintenance Cleaner
One Gallon
Environmentally Safe Green Product

Neutra Clean is a neutral pH Cleaner

Neutra Clean like most cleaning solutions falls into one of three categories: Acid, Alkaline or Neutral. The pH scale measures acidity or alkalinity; the scale has a range of 1 to 14. A pH of 7 is neutral, a pH of less than 7 is acidic, and a pH of 7 or greater is alkaline.

Different cleaners are formulated by manufacturers as acidic or alkaline because of the effectiveness of cleaning or dissolving various types of material. For example, Oven Cleaners are formulated to be strongly alkaline. Alkaline solutions are effective at breaking down baked-on protein, fat and other types of carbonized material found in dirty ovens. Toilet cleaners tend to be acidic which does a better job at dissolving water scale and rust.

Safety of High and Low pH chemicals

Solutions with high or low pH levels have the potential to dangerous to people. If ingested, inhaled or contacted with the skin these solutions can cause significant health problems. Also with strongly acidic or alkaline solutions it may damage or burn certain materials when the solution comes in contact with them. The fumes from high or low pH cleaning products can be transported via HVAC air ducts and travel through an entire facility.  The fumes from these cleaners may cause the occupants of the facility to experience loss of productivity, poor concentration and in extreme cases evacuation of the facility.

A pH Neutral Cleaner

A neutral pH cleaner like Neutra-clean has some safety advantage over solutions that are high or low alkaline. A natural pH cleaner may be safer but may not be as effective on all types of material.

Our Neutra-Clean solution is the most effective solution for cleaning most floors without having to use alkaline or acidic cleaners.  Our Neutra Clean solution can be used to clean your floor before applying our Grout Rejuvenator Grout Stain.

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1 review for Neutra Clean

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    john marks

    Works great for keeping the floors clean on a weekly or daily cleaning method. We use it on our restaurant bathrooms every night. smells nice and isn’t sticky. customers like the smell and our employees like it because it isn’t toxic.

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