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Ameribond: Gallon

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5.00 out of 5

Bonds loose or hollow tiles to flooring slabs.  Repairs damaged tiles without removing them from the floor.

See Directions.

Ameribond Bonds loose or hollow tiles to flooring slabs.  Repairs damaged tiles without removing them from the floor.

How to use Ameribond to fix hollow tiles.

  1. Using a broom handle or wooden dowel, tap each floor tile. The hollow-sounding ones need re-bonding. Mark these tiles with blue tape. If tiles move when you apply downward pressure, cut through the surrounding grout line until the tile settles to the floor. If tiles are lifted off the floor (tented), number the tiles and remove them, clean the edges, and reset them to their original position on the floor.
  2. Pick a masonry drill bit slightly narrower than the width of the grout joint (3/16″ or 1/8″). Drill holes in 4-8 places in the grout around each loose or hollow tile you have marked.
  3. Using a rubber mallet, carefully hammer a small area (4-6) tiles to force the subsurface dust and debris out through the holes in the grout. Brush out and vacuum these holes thoroughly.
  4. Find the place on the plastic tip of your syringe where it will fit into the holes but does not go below the base of the tile. Cut the tip straight across at that point. Most syringes will not need cut.
  5. Inject AmeriBond into each hole. Expect some initial resistance but an extreme force is not necessary. Keep tapping the files with the rubber mallet to monitor the flow of solution.
  6. After AmeriBond injecting all the holes, place weight or water-filled buckets with lids for safety on all the re-bonded tiles. Wipe away excess adhesive with sponge and water. Keep the buckets in place for 12 hours.
  7. Clean the area of all excess adhesive with Floor Stripper and water. Then fill in the holes with matching grout and blend into existing grout joint. After the grout is dry, Grout Rejuvenator may be applied to make all the grout look brand new again.

See Directions.

1 review for Ameribond: Gallon

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Christina Mach

    Wow. So easy to use. We were using inject-a-floor tubes and they were breaking and costing us a fortune. my husband found this product online and we thought it was too cheap in price to work. Boy were we wrong. It was sooo much easier than the tube process. Just fill a syringe and shoot it under the hollow tile. Saved us 100’s of dollars. Thank you for the great product. Wish we found this product before we spent over $500.00 on tubes of inject-a-floor which got us nowhere. Would recommend to everyone. An its super easy to clean off the tile

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